Massage is one of the oldest body therapies, which has evolved into many different types.

Evidence exists of its use by ancient cultures to promote good health and heal injuries.

It involves systematically manipulating the soft tissues, eg. the skin and muscles. The therapist can use deep, or light pressure, with techniques varying from gentle, effleurage (stroking), to more strenuous tapotement (pummelling), and stretching of muscles.

Massage can help clients who are suffering from the effects of tension to relax. The type of massage given depends on the client's reason for having treatment. Many painful conditions, such as backache, neck and shoulder pain and headaches can be relieved. 

Deep Tissue Massage

During the massage, the therapist works to release patterns of tension in deep lying tissue. The strokes are slow and firm pressure is applied to contracted muscles, tendons and fascia. It could help to break up scar tissue. Deep tissue massage is often combined with lighter forms of massage. There is sometimes soreness during, or afterwards, but this usually improves within a couple of days.

Indian Head Massage (Champissage)

This is massage of neck, shoulders, upper arms and head, with light pressure to facial points.   Its purpose is to improve head, neck and shoulder problems.   It may promote sleep, improve concentration and help get rid of tension headaches.   The client is seated. It can be done without oil, with the client clothed, or with oil, including essential oils, to enhance effects.  

Tired Leg Massage

Warm, moisturising booties are placed on both feet. The lower leg from the knee down is massaged. Once the booties are removed the feet are massaged into a state of relaxation and rejuvination. This massage relieves fatigue, improves circulation and helps with muscle tone. Just when you thought you couldn't go any further; we've got the perfect treatment to put a pep in your step!

Hot Stone Massage

Warm basalt stones are used to help massage and manipulate muscles. Heat from these volcanic stones penetrate deep into the muscles helping to promote deep muscle and tissue relaxation. It can also help in relieving aches and pains caused by MS, fibromyalgia and arthritis. The stones are also strategically placed over your body's various chakras (energy points), assisting with rebalancing. Smaller stones are placed in between your toes to awaken zones in the feet. This treatment is sure to make you feel rebalanced and relaxed.


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