Choosing Shoes for Diabetic Patients

Diabetes develops from high blood glucose levels and can lead to nerve damage. The longest nerves leading to your legs and feet are the most likely to be affected; stopping the correct messages getting to and from your brain. This is known as diabetic neuropathy.

Footwear choices are therefore very important for diabetics, as is regular foot care by a healthcare professional. Your feet should be checked at least once a year at an annual review, or more frequently if you have increased risk of complications, such as ulceration.

We specialize in diabetic foot treatment, as well as advising and fitting patients with appropriate footwear. Adaptations are available, as well as insoles or orthotics to accommodate painful areas.

At our clinic we stock both Vionic (built in supports for poor foot alignment) and Wider Fit shoes. If you are suffering from swollen feet due to diabetes, Wider Fit could be the best choice for you, as the shoes come in various different fittings. Just pop in and we can measure you, show you our catalogues and you can pick your favourite designs to order. Depending on stock levels, shoes can take up to a week to be delivered, or we can let you know if they are awaiting stock and when these will arrive.

The Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists has a useful leaflet for anyone with diabetes needing advice on the correct footwear to buy and use. You can print this document or follow this link for more information.

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