ID Jewel Champange

ID Jewel Champange

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Wow! Gorgeous pearlised leather, rocker sole sandal from Joya Shoes will add sparkle to any outfit or wardrobe. This walking sandal is extremely comfortable and has 3 fully adjustable velcro straps which you can adjust for a perfect fit all day long. The moulded insoles have a soft lining in contrasting tan microfibre for comfort and the sandals have the same cushioned micro fibre lining with a sturdy sole and a good tread.

These sandals have a great rocker sole, made with the Joya Curve technology and help to emphasize the natural rolling motion of the foot whilst evenly distributing the load. In addition to the so soft Joya foot bed, this sole has a muscle-activating midfoot-roller, the so-called "activator", which creates the rocker motion.

Part of the Joya Motion range, which stimulates walking on soft sand to give a less stress experience and helps stimulates your muscles. Pressure from each step, is dramatically reduced at heel strike, easing the strain on your knees and back.

Joya Standard Width (G) UK (E)

  • Width

  • Sole Technology

  • Sole Categories

  • Material

    Full grain leather
  • Lining

  • Insole


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