Smelly Feet?

July 5, 2017





Sweat naturally comes from our pores but when bacteria breaks down this sweat, a cheesy smell is caused.  So ...... the sweat is OK but the bacteria is not.


* Wearing "breathable" socks will help, such as cotton or merino wool to wick moisture away.


* Change your socks daily or more often if they become sweaty or damp.




 Your shoes, like your socks will often soak up sweat and stay moist and warm.


More women are now complaining that their feet and shoes smell and this is often due to wearing the same shoes 2 days in a row.


* You must allow time for your shoes to dry out, otherwise bacteria will breed quickly and make them smell more. 


* Most women own multiple pairs of shoes but many are not changing them regularly enough - so change your shoes daily.


* What your shoes are made of counts too.  Synthetic or plastic materials don't let your feet breathe well which tends to make them sweaty and smelly - so try to wear leather shoes when possible.





 Foot odour gets worse often when you are stressed, stand for long hours or have hormonal changes.


Any thick layers of callous build up on the feet often harbour bacteria, making them smell more.  The callous on the soles can even become pitted and look like Swiss cheese.


* Removal of callous on feet by a Podiatrist will help expose the bacteria and remove the smelly offending skin.


* Use of deodorants and specialised creams, sprays and insoles can help.


Our very dedicated and experienced team of Chiropodists/Podiatrists are waiting to help you tackle what can be a very embarrassing and distressing problem.


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