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Beauty Therapies (Purete Clinic)

We offer a range of beauty therapies to suit your needs and help improve your self-confidence and feeling of wellbeing. Nails, hair removal, skin, eyelashes and eyebrows are all enhanced by our two skilled and highly trained therapists

Specialising in advanced skin treatments, each tailored to your skins needs. We use nothing but the highest quality of products to ensure optimal client satisfaction and results.

Therapies shown here are offered by Beauty Therapist, Sam.


A 20 minute consultation for £10

This is redeemable towards treatment should treatment take place after a consultation. Unless unsuitable a full refund will be issued.


All treatments include:

  • Deep pore cleansing, exfoliation & steam

  • Application of prescribed cosmeceutical skincare products, serums, antioxidants, peptides, treatment creams and sunscreen

LED Light Therapies

  • ‘Anti-ageing & lifting’ 60 minutes £50

  • ‘Brightening facial’ 60 minutes £50

  • ‘Bye Bye Acne’ 60 minutes £50

  • ‘Essential facial’ 30 minutes £25 

Electrotherapy advanced

  • Cosmetic electrotherapy or electric facial uses low electric currents passed through the skin to produce therapeutic effects, through toning of facial muscles and micro-lifting of the face.

From £70

Parkview Therapy Sheffield | Facials Purete Clinic


‘Glow peel’ 30 minutes £70
Improves look and feel of the skin, rejuvenates & brightens skin complexion

‘Acne peel’ 30 minutes £70
Removes dead skin cells, reduces oil production, improves acne pigmentation & unclogs pores

‘Photo-ageing Peel’ 30 minutes £70    
Reduces appearance of fine lines by stimulating production of collagen and elastin, moisturises and rejuvenates the skin

Parkview Therapy Sheffield | Peels Purete Clinic

Lash lift & tint

Lash lift & tint 60 minute £35

LVL Enhance straightens your natural lashes at the root creating the appearance of longer, thicker lashes. Plus the added lash tint creates a mascara-style effect.

(Patch test required 24hr prior to appointment)

Parkview Therapy Sheffield | Lash lift & tint Purete Clinic

Skin resurfacing

Micro-needling & derma-pen (also known as skin needling or collagen induction therapy) This stimulates the skin to naturally regenerate and repair itself. The needling encourages fibroblasts to produce new collagen, which results in smoother, brighter, younger, healthier looking skin.

  • Facial lines and wrinkles

  • Acne scarring

  • Chicken pox scars

  • Scars

  • Stretch marks

  • Enlarged / visible pores

  • Loose skin tightening

  • Alopecia / Hairloss

  • Skin Rejuvenation & Hydration Treatment

Skin needling 60 minutes from £150
Hair rejuvenation 60 minutes from £150

Parkview Therapy Sheffield | Skin resurfacing Purete Clinic

Advance Procedures

Consultation for an advance procedure 15 minutes £10
This is redeemable towards treatment, should treatment take place after a consultation. Unless unsuitable a full refund will be issued.

Electrolysis (hair removal) 
Electrolysis is the only method approved by FDA and British Medical Council as permanent hair removal


Advanced epilation  
Advanced electrolysis is a safe and effective way to treat some of the most common skin imperfections. 

(Price varies based on number of areas treated)

Skin tags 30 minutes     
Blood spots 30 minutes   
Thread veins 30 Minutes    
Milia 30 minutes 

Parkview Therapy Sheffield | Sam Beauty Therapist


Beauty Therapist

My name is Seham, and I am pleased to be a new part of the Parkview team. I am also proud to be part of the beauty industry.

It is a field that has always interested me as a possible career; not just beauty for beauty’s sake, but the way it can link to our self-esteem, how we feel about ourselves.

The technology involved in products and treatments has advanced massively in recent years, and we can now really enhance the way we look.

For these reasons, I have studied hard and achieved a level 4 in advanced skincare, which allows me to offer such a wide range of treatments, tailored to the customers’ individual needs. My level 4 was obtained at the Yorkshire College of Beauty in Leeds, where I was pleased to be nominated as “student of the year”.

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