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Swedish, Shiatsu and Remedial Massage

Swedish Massage and Therapy specifically is a popular choice for stress relief, as it is designed to soothe muscles and improve circulation to help you feel more relaxed.  

Shiatsu - Many call this Japanese style of bodywork 'massage without massaging'. That is because Shiatsu's use of stretches and finger pressure (the literal meaning of 'Shiatsu' makes some sort of connection in people's minds to Western style massaging.  However, Shiatsu is so much more than that; it works on the energy (electricity) that surges through our body.  It helps to intensify ('unblock') this surge, or slow it down, depending on what is needed.  The body is wise; it naturally knows the appropriate 'current' for it's own needs-Shiatsu just provides the nudge for the system, to self-regulate.  Practically, Shiatsu consists of pressure along longitude lines of the body (the length of arms, legs, the width of chest) but unlike massage, it's done with the client lying down on a futon and fully clothed.


Remedial Massage is more suited to chronic tension in a muscle or to support healing in an muscle group after injury. Remedial massage can help with body areas that ache and cause discomfort in everyday life, as well as old scars which can affect functionality. It is important to know that pain is not a necessary component of remedial massage, contrary to popular opinion. Good results can be achieved without experiencing pain during the massage.

Swedish Massage, Remedial Massage and Shiatsu with Aleksandra


REMEDIAL MASSAGE - £40 per hour

SHIATSU - £30 per hour


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Make an appointment with Aleksandra

Aleksandra Tel: 07592219951



Aleksandra is also happy to answer queries regarding the treatments she offers.  You can contact her on the above.


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