Our Therapies


We offer a wide variety of therapies at Parkview.


Chiropodists treat the more commonly known foot problems such as corns, calluses, verrucae and nail problems. Podiatrists are known as ‘foot doctors’, dealing with sports injuries, orthotics and biomechanical (walking and running) problems.

Beauty Therapies

We offer a range of beauty therapies to suit your needs and help improve your self-confidence and feeling of wellbeing. Nails, hair removal, skin, eyelashes and eyebrows are all enhanced by our two skilled and highly trained therapists.


Aromatherapy is the art of blending and using essential plant oils to benefit health. These oils form the life force of plants.



Massage can help clients who are suffering from the effects of tension to relax. The type of massage given depends on the client's reason for having treatment. Many painful conditions, such as backache, neck and shoulder pain and headaches can be relieved. 

The Chartered Physiotherapist will conduct a thorough examination of the nature and actual site of the problem (usually joint or muscular pain), and relate it to your whole person before making a diagnosis. After consultation with you and, where appropriate, with your GP, they will decide upon the best form of treatment.

We assist you in overcoming obstacles and becoming more successful in life.  We talk together, listen and create systematic action plans and develop coping strategies together.