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What is a corn?

A corn is a small concentrated area of hard skin, roughly round in shape, which press into the skin. They do not have roots but may have a kind of ‘epicentre’. They are often found over high-pressure areas of the foot. They can even be found at the edges of or under the toenails!

What are the symptoms of corns?

Pain or discomfort may occur and different types of corn appear over various parts of the foot. Corns may be between toes (often soft corns), on tops of toes or on the sole of the foot. The causes are similar to those for callus: pressure, footwear and poor foot biomechanics.

What should I do if I have a corn?

If you have a corn and require treatment then you should arrange an appointment at Parkview Therapy.

What shouldn't I do if I have a corn?

The cause of the problem needs to removed or the skin will continue to thicken and become more painful. Using over the counter corn pads should be avoided until you have received professional advice about what is causing the problem. Patients with diabetes, poor circulation etc. are most at risk.


Your podiatrist will discuss a treatment plan including long term maintenance, use of padding, footwear advice, provision of orthotics if required, surgical options that may help.

You can find more information on the College of Podiatry website.

Parkview Therapy Sheffield | Corns
Parkview Therapy Sheffield | Corns

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