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The Lacuna Method

A method for treating fungal nail infections. It involves the painless drilling of micro holes into the nail plate (fenestration), so that anti-fungal preparations applied can penetrate the nail bed - where the active portion of the infection lies.

Who can benefit from the Lacuna method?

Patients with mild to moderate fungal nails can benefit from the Lacuna Method. When the fungal infection is severe and penetrating to the nail matrix (at the root - past the cuticle), such preparations cannot access this part of the nail unit, and often only oral medications will prove effective.

Does it hurt?

Patients have reported a slight pricking sensation during treatment, akin to having a hair plucked when you penetrate the area above the infection. When there is a gap between the nail and the nail-bed, no pain is reported.

How does it work?

The micro-holes act as a tunnel for antifungal solutions.

The pressure from footwear upon the nail and action of walking then spread the solution across the nail bed. The fungal infection is prevented from spreading further and allows a new healthy nail to grow out.

The infection can only clear as fast as the nail grows out, which can take anywhere from 6 months to 2 years. There is no quick fix!

Photographs taken at one the 4 review appointments (approx. every 6-8 weeks) monitor progress, as the patient applies the home treatment twice daily. If necessary further holes will be drilled.

This process may need repeating until the infection has cleared.

Parkview Therapy Sheffield | Lacuna Method
Parkview Therapy Sheffield | Lacuna Method

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